If your train of thought is going nowhere, switch tracks

This is the year 2020, and the World has been declared a Pandemic state, due to a virus taking hold of our lives and the way we live.

We celebrated the New Year, so eager to leave behind us 2019 and the old, we wanted things to change, we were looking forward to this year bringing with it new visions.

But before we could realise it, the world was shut down tight within a matter of a weeks. We had heard of some virus in China, and before we quite understood what was happening it had reached Italy and its people became seriously ill.

In fact day by day, the news got worse.  We did not imagine it would travel to every country, every continent, everybody would feel the wrath of this virus.

It did not heed borders or cultures, race or religion, nobody. It swept through the world taking everyone in its wake. What happened to our world? It almost felt as if it stopped turning for a while.  “What is happening?” people asked, “Stay home!” everybody was told. “It can kill you and your family, just stay home and keep safe.“

The world shut down, every country one by one, slowly but inevitably, shut their borders, the lights were switched off, doors closed. Business closed until further notice, no flights, no trains, no meetings, no gatherings, no celebrations, no families together, no friends together. Everyone isolated by themselves. Humankind was shocked to the core.

Did our grandparents or parents live through similar feelings during the World Wars?  Was this now the next generation’s time to experience such trauma? But who or whatever had the power or strength to shut down a whole world to such an extent of total closure?

What did our Ancestors experience in previous worlds and times?  Was this what so many mystics had prophesied would happen to the world? A world spinning out of control to cause massive destruction and harm to our Earth?

People running and running to ever greater heights to achieve more and more – “I want more!”  they proclaimed, “Let me take more, I need more, I have to achieve more, gain more and be more!”  Where was everybody running too? To fulfill what exactly?

Taking more land, destroying forests, so the Earth was struggling to breathe. Ignoring famine and hunger of millions in Africa, because why should it touch my life? Polluting the air and the waters, destroying the livelihood of millions of animals and people.

Where was it all going to end?

Tsunamis and floods were sent, earthquakes were sent, fires ravaged Australia, animals strung up on beaches in plastic waste on every shoreline. And we still didn’t listen.

We did not listen!

The Earth cried out to us: “STOP IT ALL!”

We did not listen!

We were so blind as if our eyes could not see what was happening and our ears were deaf to its cries. And the World stopped – it just simply all stopped dead in its tracks.

And we had to LISTEN.

We had to see it affect US.

Everyone of us – our Families – our Friends – our Neighbours  – our Cities – our Countries.

Our hearts said – no more of this! Our hearts would not take it anymore.  And we all, every single one of us in this world today, have had to take notice of what our hearts were saying.

There is no way of ever going back to the way we were or our lives were – this has been cut off and left behind. There is no way back. We have reached a point in time where the new world demands our authenticity and our whole heart in all matters, anything else will simply not work.

Not in our own lives or in businesses or in any other aspect of this life.

The World as we knew it has come to an END.

It HAD to stop – otherwise we would have exploded into a million pieces with nothing left of this beautiful EARTH – and nobody would have survived it.

The new Earth is happening NOW. And WE are the ones that will CHANGE it into something that can sustain us ALL.

So are you in it?  Are you with US and are you willing to change your ways?

We can’t go back, there is nothing left of our old life. If the virus did not take our lives, our circumstances would have changed dramatically due to all kinds of economic implications, and we are forced to get out of the old and into the new way of life, if willingly or forced.

The question is, will you go with the flow of the Earth now and where it will take you?

We have essentially been given a gift by the Heavens. This is the moment to change your life –

take this heavenly gift and open your heart. Start with your new YOU  – when you open those doors again and let the light in. Spring has started and soon everything will be full of life and bursting with love.

This is your invitation to start a new path, to forge a new road in your life.  Visualize your new path, your new goal, your new life with all intensity and purpose and watch it materialize.

What are you keen to do?

What would you like to envision for your next step on this path?

Where would you like the road to take you?

All you have to do is say: “YES! I am coming with you, I am following the new road my life is offering me.”

Get ready to embark on your new journey. Visualize it and make it happen! We are here for you to guide you through each step, but more about that in our next blog.