Old ways won’t open new Doors

The standstill of life as we know it during the lockdown is gradually moving behind us, as if we witness a slow moving train driving past us on another track.  We see it moving, slowly, each window going past our gaze like the chapters of our life one after the other.

There is a new train waiting on a track… we have no idea where that is headed.  “Where will it take us?” we ask, with slight fear or tremor in our voice. But the train is empty, there are no other passengers on board at this time. There is also no schedule and no clear destination, but it’s ready to go and the green lights are on, waiting for us to step aboard.

Your old train has left the station, your life perhaps as you knew it before this pandemic happened to our world. It brought you to this station where you are right now at this point in your life, but it cannot go on in the same track. Those tracks ended here.

Whether we were brought here by circumstance or free will does not matter anymore. The point is that it happened and many of us have been brought to a screeching halt in the way that we earned a living or the type of job that we occupied.

Many industries have been deeply affected and are not able to sustain themselves and all the people that have worked in them. The normal day to day flow was suspended and in many countries of this world hundreds of people have lost their means of income, or lost their businesses because of it.

By now we have all accepted that things will not be jumping back into action as before, we will not be able to pick up where we left off.  Some industries could keep going during the lockdown time and others had to close their doors.

The economic implications have weighed heavy on the business side of things. Many have quickly adapted their style of doing business and people were able to work from home. Children had to adapt to home schooling which brought its own challenges to parents and teachers.

The human mind is very adaptable and after an initial shock, it starts to look for new ways to work. That is our saving grace.

Now we could go in two directions. One is the path of despair and depression, which then draws to it more negativity and difficulties, and many of us have gone down that road and we know how difficult it can be to take ourselves out of it again.

The other path is the path of hope, courage and new beginnings. A path that might not be clear as there is nothing that we can see clearly. It seems obscure or even shrouded in mist like a foggy morning at the sea. We know where the sea is as we can smell it, and hear the waves rushing in and out, but the fog does not let us see.

This is a situation where many might find themselves in their lives right now.

Many people lost their jobs and have been retrenched, or their businesses closed down.   And many don’t know what is next or where they must start now? “How do I carry on?” they ask.

Perhaps this is the perfect moment in your life to start something that you have always wished to do.

Consider this moment as an opportunity that Life has given you – you have been given a gift by the Universe. Now you can choose your new path.

A new Door is opening for you.

The train is leaving – are you ready to go?

What is it that you perhaps always wanted to do? Was there a secret wish you had as a child or young adult? Is there still a deeply hidden dream in you heart now that you are a senior person?

It does not matter at which point in life you are right now, the only thing that matters is that you are willing to listen to your own voice. If not now, then when will you change your life?

Sometimes that small inner voice has grown faint and very still that we can hardly hear it anymore. But in a quiet moment if we pay attention to our inner world, it is still there, patiently waiting for us.

What does it say? Can you hear it calling your name, asking you if you are seeking your dreams and following its guidance?

Perhaps this is the perfect time to adjust your thinking and design a new vision for your life going forward.

Magnetic Mind Visualization is your perfect guide to making your dreams and visions a reality. Don’t let them fade away again but hold on to what is inside of you, asking your name, urging you to heed its call.

Hop on, your train is waiting…